One of the most important aspects of any renovation is a functional design. Countless times we see homes where existing space was not utilized properly by either the builder or the previous homeowner, resulting in a cumbersome and inconvenient layout. We see these misused spaces not as a hindrance, but as an opportunity for improvement. TSG Renovations will help you design the most efficient and beautiful space, whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, living room, office or an entertainment room. We have creative ideas, years of expertise and state of the art technology tools to solve any design problems that you may have. There are 3 specific design tools that we use: SKETCHES, 3-D RENDERINGS and PANORAMIC 360 DEGREE VIEWS.

Hand drawn design sketches are the simplest way to re-design any space. They are still a very important tool used to communicate technical information. If you are good at visualizing the newly redefined space, hand drawn sketch may be all you need.

Computer generated 3-D renderings of redesigned spaces help you see the finished product while the project is still in the design stage. These industry-leading renderings have incredible photo-realism, lighting effects and realistic textures to help you see your new kitchen or bathroom exactly as they will appear after the project is complete.

Please note: additional charges may apply.

If you want to place yourself in your newly designed kitchen or bathroom, TSG Renovations can help. Using immersive Virtual Reality, you can stand in the space to be renovated and put on the Virtual Reality viewer. You then will be able to look around your future space and see every single details, as if you were in a video game. Being able to stand in your kitchen and see what it will look like with that wall gone, or with white cabinetry is something you absolutely MUST experience!

Please note: additional charges may apply.

Panoramic 360 Degree View

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