The focus of aging-in-place home renovations is to aid a client to live in the home of their choice for as long as they are able, as they age. The trouble is, your home may not age as well as you are. We will work with you to achieve safety and independence in your home and to improve the quality of life. We focus on accessibility, universal design and open floor plans to allow you to enjoy your home as long as possible. In universal design, all aspects of space planning and material used are chosen for functionality and designed for the comfort of the client in any stage of life. To help us create a universal design for your home, we want you to evaluate your home in few areas: BATHROOM ACCESSIBILITY and SAFETY, DOOR and HALLWAY ACCESSIBILITY, FLOORING TRIP HAZARDS. If you find that some of these issues need to be addressed, TSG Renovations will help you to modify your space to fit your personal needs, while creating a beautifully designed and comfortable home.

According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults. Falls in the bathroom are among the most common. Despite this, many homeowners resist the bathroom renovations for fear of the finished product looking institutional. TSG Renovations can help you design and build the accessible bathroom space that will look beautiful and feel luxurious. We can conceal safety upgrades with a sleek design and clever innovations. Here are few ways to improve the accessibility in your bathroom.

  • Replace existing bathtub or shower with a sleek curbless or low profile shower curb
  • Install a bench or corner seat in the shower
  • Consider adding additional hand held shower to a traditional shower head
  • Install grab bars in the shower and near the toilet
  • Improve lighting by installing recessed lights in the shower
  • Use Comfort Height toilet Replace existing flooring with non-slip tile flooring
  • Replacing existing bathtub with walk-in unit

Unlike the access bathroom features that you may find in institutional settings, residential aging in place renovations don’t have to comply to stringent ADA regulations. This allows us to create beautifully designed, safe and accessible bathroom that helps you to unwind at the end of the day and allow you to stay independent as long as possible.

As we mature, getting around our home can be difficult. Traditional home builders have never considered the needs of the elderly population. Therefore, older homes were not planned or built for it. It may be impossible to maneuver around your home in a wheelchair or with a walker, without making some changes. TSG renovations can help you modernize your home and give you the ability to move around your home without obstacles such as narrow hallways and doors. Expanding the width of the doorways and halls to 36 is useful to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. A great solution for decreasing the footprint of a door is installing pocket door. Pocket doors utilize the space of the wall and allow more maneuvering room. Whatever your needs may be, TSG Renovations will help you modify your home to create a beautiful, open and accessible layout, that you will enjoy for years to come.

Slip and trip resistant flooring is an important element of Aging in place home renovations. On average, there are at least 4 different types of flooring in your home. That means that you have multiple transitions between each type of flooring, each one presenting a trip hazard. Consider replacing your current flooring with continuous low-maintenance, durable and slip resistant material. There is a wide variety of materials available on the current market that can be installed without transitions:

  • Hardwood flooring is an elegant choice, it looks beautiful and adds significant value to your home
  • Laminate wood flooring is an alternative to hardwood that will not break the bank, but will achieve a similar look
  • Vinyl plank flooring is a good selection for wet areas, where water is a concern
  • Tile flooring is another good option for a continuous flooring, as long as you select proper slip resistant kind

Regardless of your flooring selection, TSG Renovations can help you select and install continuous flooring throughout your home for an elegant look, luxurious feel and a safe accessible environment.

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